Education, Leadership and Development


The SeFT project is the Orientation and Self-development arm of Excellentia. Its objective is to inspire individuals and assist them take full responsibility in building the life of their dream. We believe that, imbedded in every human being is a seed of greatness which when discovered and nurtured to full maturity becomes a Fruit Tree beneficial to both the individual and the world at large. Excellentia is therefore committed to transforming these seeds to fruit trees. This is done through the following sub projects:

Excellentia Orientation and Capacity Building Forum

A monthly forum for children and youths. Activities include Motivational Talks, Orientation, Counseling, symposiums etc. Here children and youths share their challenges encountered in pursuing their dreams and collectively innovative solutions are arrived at.

Excellentia Kids Corner

An indoor programme for kids between five and twelve years of age, done on weekends and selected days during the holiday. The goal is to instill in the kids positive values to be responsible both at home and in school. Enquire about some of the challenges faced with their academics and device ways of assisting them. In addition to these, teach them some basic principles of success and leadership as well as touching aspects of hygiene, the environment, children’s rights, civic responsibilities etc.

Excellentia Orientation and Mentorship Camp

A 28 days camping programme for teenagers comprising of a period of intensive but fun filled learning, orientation, counseling, self-discovery and talent display, carried out through well designed lessons and activities in Leadership, Social responsibility, Financial education, Creativity, Human and Self-development, with the sole aim to compliment what they learn in their formal educational sector, as well as making up for the lapses found there.
The goal is to produce a generation of young persons who will go beyond playing it safe to playing it Smart in the rapid changing world of today, defying the myth of “insufficient resources for all” and make it big in their areas of endeavor.

She-roes of Development

This is a project designed for women and girls in rural communities. The objective is to assist rural women and girls know their worth and their rights as well as empowering them with knowledge that will make them better mothers and agents of development within their communities.

The Excellentia Radio Programme

This is an educative and sensitization programme over community radio stations where we find ourselves to empower communities with quality information on various aspects especially on human rights and self development.

The Excellentia Speaking Engagements

This involves presentation of motivational talks in schools churches and groups to effect self empowerment among young persons.