About Us

Excellentia is a Humanitarian and Development Non governmental Organization with special focus on the promotion and protection of Children’s Rights, with emphasis on their rights to Education and Fair Treatment. It as well targets every other aspects that affect children directly or indirectly like child marriage, child labour, FGM, just to mention a few.
Since the effective growth and development of a child is very much related to how much informed the mother is, there are also programmes for women empowerment.
Excellentia was created on the 13th of April 2013 in Buea , the South West Region of Cameroon by purpose driven and passionate young men and women who came together to assist children and youths in the discovery and development of their Hidden and Leadership abilities in order that, they can live meaningful and fulfilled lives.

 Since self-discovery is a product of quality education, advocating for the rights to education is of great importance to us.

The organization was legalized by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization on the 13th of May 2016 with registration No238/G.37/C.84/VOL3/SAAJP

The organization has three principal areas it is involved in namely:

Human rights and advocacy which is involved with advocating for the rights of Children and participating in the celebration of related international days.
Education, Leadership and Development which is involved with assisting young person’s discover their abilities and muster the drive to develop those abilities until their dreams become realities.
Philanthropy and Humanitarianism which is the practical part of realizing the objective by providing material and financial assistance to underprivileged children and other individuals and groups to realize their dreams.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower individuals with emphasis on children and youths, discover their potentials, create and pursue a vision and become their dreams, through seminars, workshops, camping, mentorship, counseling, philanthropic gestures as well as advocating for their rights to education and fair treatment, such that they can lead meaningful and fulfilled lives both for themselves and for their societies.

Our Vision

To create a world where dreams are being realized and satisfaction and fulfillment obtained.
To create a generation of individuals who are so daring and will stop at nothing, defying every myth of insufficiency and lack of resources until they become what they have ever dreamed of becoming.