Philanthropy and Humanitarianism


The ELaH project is the philanthropic arm of Excellentia. Its goal is to provide financial and material assist to enable dreams being realized as well as to encourage hard work and excellence within our communities.
Sub Projects under the ELaH project include:

ELaH Donation Scheme

It is a donation made either in cash or in material to an individual or group to enable them meet a particular need beneficial to their growth and development or to the wellbeing of the society. This is done yearly in the month of March.

ELaH Excellence Award

It is an award given to an individual or a group to encourage excellence in any sphere of life, done yearly in the month of June.

ELaH Back to School/ Scholarship Scheme

Provision of school materials and fees to a selected pupils from public schools who had excellent results the previous school year, and are coming from financially challenged homes. This is done in the month of September during the back to school period.

ELaH Bread and Fish Outreach

This project is designed with the understanding that, Love is a basic human need and thus it’s our responsibility to share our love with those who really need and are not as privilege as us. Thus, it’s not just a moment to share a meal with a selected group in our communities like the orphans, the street kids and the elderly, but rather a moment to share Love and Warmth with them. It is a time for chatting, hugging, playing of games, presentation of motivational talks, and distribution of gifts and finally the sharing of a common meal. It is about meeting the emotional needs of those concerned to a greater extend and their material needs to a lesser extent.